Tax Consultation Service

Tax Consulting services includes to help the clients to get a good knowledge of taxation. It also to create an effective tax management. The tax consulting services are:

Taxation Consulting Services

To give both oral and written consultations. To give an accurate solution about the taxation policy.

Tax Compliance Services

To fulfill the tax obligations in accordance with the provisions of applicable legislation, including calculating, preparing and depositing the taxes that are owed to the State Treasury, and reporting to the Tax Office where taxpayer is registered both SPT and SPT Period.

Tax Planning

To compose a tax planning and to define the tax burden accordance with the applicable regulations.

Tax Review

To review and analyze the financial statement of taxpayer reviewed from taxation aspect and also tax exposure calculation.

Tax Assesment Assistance

Support the inspection process to completion, including providing an explanation for the findings of the examiner to get the results of the tax assessment (SKP).

Tax Objection

To Accompany the objection process to completion, including preparing an objection letter, explaining to the tax auditor from tax office  to get the verdict in the form of objection decision.

Tax Appeal

To accompany the appeals process at the Tax Court of the termination, including to prepare a letter of appeal and reply, give an explanation to a panel of judges for the results of the decision of the appeal.

Tax Refund (Restitution)

To accompany the process of tax retitutions/refund from taxpayers in accordance with applicable laws and regulations that apply to get the form of excessive tax payments.

Tax System and Procedure Design

To develop systems and procedures in accordance with the type of the business and taxation the taxpayer needs.

Tax Administration Services)

To fulfill the requirements of the tax administration in accordance with the Tax law, including: taxpayer’s ID number request, the confirmation letter of taxable income request, changing address of the Tax office or business location, Tax exemption certificate request , centralized the value added tax (VAT).

In-House Tax Training

To provide training for corporate taxes in order to enhance the skills and knowledge of the employees, both in general taxes for all types of taxes or special topics of taxation in accordance with industry specific needs of clients.

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