About Us

Suryadelima Consulting is established with a background of the thought of the consumen’s needs, especially the taxpayers, to have a good understanding about the taxation rules. It is based on the observation that lacking of understanding about the tax rules is an obstacle on getting the right and fulfill the tax liability.

Our Expertice and Experience.

We have been experienced in finding and giving solutions about tax roblems and also help you to  make a good tax planning.

We provide comprehensive services in accounting and taxation to personal and corporate taxpayers.

Supported by profesional staffs who have knowledge, skill, good experienced in taxation sector and know well about tax system in Indonesia, we are ready to help you.

Our Commitment

We are committed to spreading the ideas and our experience to meet your needs. We will serve you in a professional manner, giving priority to quality by always trying to expand our capabilities, focusing on business areas that match our capabilities and experience as well as maintaining the confidentiality and trust that you provide.

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